Nemadomfel Gold Card

Do you already have a Nemadomfel Gold Card?

Redeem your own Nemadomfel Gold Card since showing the card you will get a 15% discount at the Nem Adom Fel Cafe & Bar! The discount applies to your own restaurant consumption, is not applicable for alcoholic beverages and products

Nemadomfel Gold Card is eligible for our guests, who have either of the following:

-Hungarian State Treasury ID card about long-term illness,

-ID card issued by the National Federation of Disabled Persons’ Associations,

-ID card issued by the Hungarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability,

-ID card issued by the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing,

-ID card issued by the Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted.

– AOSZ card issued by the National Association of People with Autism.

Moreover, additionally entitled are the staff members of the Nem Adom Fel Foundation and the Nem Adjuk Fel Social Co-operative, as well as the residents of flats at 86 Baross street.

You can claim for the card at the stand. Claiming is free and registration is required. Please  show qualifying documents (qualifying ID card. National ID card, address card) when claiming.

Any questions? Contact us, call us, or ask our colleagues right here at the Bar.