“Nem Adom Fel” is Hungarian for “Never Give Up.”
The Never Give Up Café & Bar is the first Café in Budapest to be founded and run by people with special needs.
Employees make and serve all kind of drinks and meals, as well as contribute to organizing and carrying out the programs held in the Cafe. Our crew consists of many colorful and versatile personalities. Our employees exemplify the typical “Never Give Up” spirit, meaning they have the power and the ability to always give their best.

The Never Give Up Cafe is a social enterprise that provides an alternative workplace for the disabled. It is also an integrated public place for cultural events, which provides an opportunity for creating and maintaining respectful human connections.
This is a place where everyone receives a warm welcome at the door, and anyone can find a home.
Visit us to feel the real “Never Give Up” spirit!
The Never Give Up Cafe & Bar was born through the cooperation of the Never Give Up Social Cooperative, which provides the catering activities, and the Never Give Up Foundation, which owns the property, helps to organize the programs in the Cafe, and works to train and employ people with disabilities.
The realization of the Never Give Up Cafe & Bar was supported by the European Social Fund, the Hungarian Government, and the “We take our faith in our hands – people with special needs for the society” TÁMOP-2.4.3.D.2-13/2-2013-0013 application program.
The renovation of the property was completed by the Never Give Up Foundation through the NRSZH 2014. year Job Creation Project.
Other Sponsors include: Budapest Főváros VIII. kerület Józsefvárosi Önkormányzat, NESsT Magyarország, UniCredit Bank, Citibank, COSTA Coffee Hungary, Fröccsterasz, Ízlelő Étkezde